1. Proper Noun

2. Create any sort of unprevoked comotion.
When he go on the bus he cried like a wookie; And acted as nothing had happened.

"You shoulda seen what KrasH did earlier."
by Grandmaster KrasH December 13, 2007
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The crash that occurs shortly after consuming too many krispy kreme donuts
I just had a half dozen krispy kreme donuts, and I am having a massive krispy krash
by RaverDrew November 14, 2010
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KRASH...(proper spelling)...is a dude on mx working his way up...bad computer grammer...supposedly always negative...depressed
...I give you a pat on the back, just lye under a cow with your back and up you'll get one sooner or later.

KRASH:your not a cow you cant give me a pat on the back!
by dude-with-no-right-ear May 5, 2005
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nigga that thinks he is smart but is dumber then a rock
by xLNigel January 3, 2009
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Party crew started in Cicero in 1989. Started by Wizzo (Mende)
by Joe Cicero November 12, 2018
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A nigga who can say whatever he thinks nd will never second guess it
Yooo that man krash really don’t care
by Kvngnarmer November 22, 2021
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