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This right here is the ultimate E-girl, she comes with the full set if you were to buy her, The padlock chains, The fucking up priced stardust leds, fairy lights and even HAROLD the glow up dinosaur. Unlucky for us she is unavailable for purchase as she is extremely rare as her mum only made one and Bypryzm was the highest bidder at the price of free. Some may call her a freak and that is totally true, the stuff that she does is insane. For example taking shots of lemon juice, cutting babies arms off and stuffing them into a jar, she will soon empty her own blood into one of these jars. If you had her as your roommate anyone that visited either thought that you had a pet rat or that you were in croydon train station. The only reason that she has to leave a discord call is either to do the washing up or to walk her baby rat Oscar, which won't happen for another hour as she is distracted by the thought of the triangle. I wish her the best in her GCSE's as she is gonna need it "she is gonna flop". GG WP.
Elouise the E-girl phat rat
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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Even though this guy is a fucking midget being 5,5 he is still able to carry anyone in valorant even ZANITY, he is one of the smartest out of his friends yet still struggles to reach the top shelf, his brain may be big but he isn't, guess his genetics fucked him over as well as evolution. We are all superior to him in every other way except valorant and school, for example we can use tinder he can't. GG WP
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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This is the only tailor that you would ever need for a maid outfit, he knows everything that there is to know about cosplaying hot anime bitches. I would like to say that he is gay but the amount of femboy shit that i have been sent by him is fucking hot as shit and i'm not gay I hope... He is the best roblox warrior, that is able to talk to kids without being a pedo i think, or so that he has told me, the kids that i have seen have gone missing but i don't think it koneko's fault, it was just a coincidence his mum told me. He is a desperate boy and drools at the thought of female relationship so far none of them have worked besides his mum and even i think she doesn't like him that much. Yubo is the way that he contacts the opposite gender 6 at once so i have heard. I wish him well at becoming pro in roblox volleyball. GG WP
Koneko James he touches the females on the volleyball court after he has dominated them while his mum watches and cheers him on POGCHAMP
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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This guy is the largest man on earth, weighing about 3 tons, but he is the sexiest beast of them all. The only reason that he didn't go pro on csgo is that he wasn't able to attend any LAN events because he is scared of other people and if he was to miss a shot he would off himself unlike Mason is here the fucking pussy. If he was to win a csgo major he would celebrate with a phat throbbing dildo in the ass, until he eventually died from anal rupture. GG WP
Stupot the embodiment of Christ in csgo that ate all of the fish and bread that he provided to the poor people. Matthew 14:13-21
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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This guy claims that he is god on valorant, but he is still hard stuck plat and the only reason that he is there is that he is boosted, he is really fucking shit at this game, but what does he say "I'm good". NAH you just really fucking shit, you are the reason that people derank in this game. GG WP
by void24creed October 28, 2020
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