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Satan child who blew up a hotel lobby and stole his friends shoes
Dammit komaeda
by LiterallySatan May 04, 2016
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If you been Komaeda'd, you've been hit by some REAL bullshit luck, regardless of being bad, good, or a chain of luck in general. This usually (and always) happens if you have thirteen letters in your name, giving you the Devil's Luck for life (e.g. Nagito Komaeda).
Friend 1: Hey, how'd your date at the movies go with that girl?
Friend 2: AWFUL. I won a giant bag of popcorn in a ticket raffle.

Friend 1: So, what's the awful part?
Friend 2: The bag broke when we sat down and spilled popcorn ALL OVER HER.

Friend 1: Oof, BIG Komaeda right there.
by TheAverageZaminator May 30, 2018
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A microwaved piece of soap with marshmallow hair
Literally everyone in SDR2: Komaeda it’s time to s t o p
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by smut_apprentice June 12, 2018
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