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Noun, the slimy substance that seeps out from between the fingers of a closed fist after a person has ejaculated in their own hand.
Jack used a tissue to wipe the knuckle butter off of his hand after he jacked off.
by Bentrok April 28, 2006
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When you fist a girls asshole then switch to her pussy and the butt/pussy juices mix to create a tan frothy cream.
"After I fisted my girls butt i switched to da pussy, my wrist was drippin with knuckle butter son!"
by IAbmx May 12, 2015
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The peanut butter that ends up on your knuckles when your knife/spoon is shorter than the jar.
This tiny plastic knife is no match against that big ass jar of Jiff. Got me covered in the knuckle-butter...
by Grandmaster Dave November 27, 2017
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