v - The process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.
1. Always be knolling. 2. That table is pretty well knolled.
by tedted July 6, 2011
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v. - the act of sitting on a log in a grassy area while highly intoxicated.
My life in the summer is knolling with weed and my friends
by ieatlotsofgummiez July 8, 2009
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When a swarthy, olive-skinned gay man loses his job and, in order to augment his unemployment income, takes to doing ass-to-mouth videos with non-whites.
Did you hear about Mike? He started knolling with black dudes in the bathroom at Shenanigans, now he's making big bucks, living with his Mom, and doesn't have to work!
by Nanot Coys August 12, 2011
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Someone who gets “no wool” (pussy) Originating in the 70’s, when a large majority of women had a bush, pussy was referred to as wool, therefore someone who gets “no wool” was shortened to “knoll
by Sharkhawk February 4, 2019
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Defined by others as a 'Counterculture', this area of Morro Bay High School is tucked between the 500 and 400 hallways. Across from The Knoll is the P.E. area, and some noobs. It is a place where unwanted freshman with no friends are not allowed, along with screaming, whiny people like those that reside in the Knoll's enemy, Sparta. To sit at the Knoll, you can not just hobble on in. You must be invited by current or retired members. Retired members are those that have graduated. Knollians or Knollites are what members are called. The Knoll is home to many odd creatures. See Nancypants.

People of the Knoll:

- Play Dungeons and Dragons
- Play or Hate World of Warcraft
- Play Magic
- Play or ignore the Game
- Speak fluent 1337
- Program and/or build computers
- Pwn.
Freshman: Dude, I want to sit at the Knoll!
Fellow Freshman: Seriously.. I'd like to eat Burger King everyday while having a Nancypants sit on me.

The Yearbook: The Knoll is a counterculture...
The People of the Knoll: Sweet.

Fleeing Spartians: Because you won't come here, so we're safe. Also, we like this place better. We have better friends here.
Sam: I take Kat's side on this.
The Knoll: Sure thing, Tacomeat.
by The Knoll September 2, 2008
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The process of arranging like objects in parallel or 90 degree angles as a method of organization.
Yeah that table is pretty well knolled
by tedted July 6, 2011
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It's just a small hill like a mound, and nothing else. If someone wants to name a really small hill that they don't want to call a hill, just call it, a knoll.
Person 1: Hey, I saw a nice little knoll you can easily walk up and down on, you should go there I don't think you could do that with a hill.
Person 2: I'm not fat.
Person 1: Yes you are.
by Lagless The UT Fan January 13, 2018
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