2 definitions by Nanot Coys

When a swarthy, olive-skinned gay man loses his job and, in order to augment his unemployment income, takes to doing ass-to-mouth videos with non-whites.
Did you hear about Mike? He started knolling with black dudes in the bathroom at Shenanigans, now he's making big bucks, living with his Mom, and doesn't have to work!
by Nanot Coys August 12, 2011
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The act of a male having intercourse with another human to meet the following qualifications:

1. Thrust from male into partner must equal or exceed 200 BPM on a metronome.
2. The partner must respond with a fairly loud "ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh ahuh" continuously during hammering or else general declarations of orgasm and/or declarations of positivity.

See also jackhammering
I was hammering her so hard we heard banging from the neighbors next door.
by Nanot Coys May 18, 2022
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