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A claim expressing priority over an object, person, or other. Similar to the equally definite process of calling something or calling dibs.

P.S. I am a freakin genious why didnt i think of this sooner!!!!
Girl #1: "Dude look at that beast over there... hes fine."
Girl #2: "Knobage!!"
Girl #1: "Hey... no fair!!!

by Shayna Ariel Gimble September 18, 2007
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Knobage: A claim expressing priority over an object. Similar to the equally definite process of "calling" something, "shottying", or calling "dibs".
Dibs: To have the rights to something, to own something.
ex: "I get dibs on your organs if you die!"
Shotty: Derived from the word "shotgun" where the person who calls it gets the front seat in the car. Instead of using this only on driving in a car the word may be used to call "dibs" on something or doing something first. Also can be used as "shotty not" where it gives rights to a person not doing a specific task.
ex: "I totally shotty the first cup of babies after we blend it. Mmm-mmm good!"
An american term derived from the words:
* "knob" meaning handle or clutch. Knob can also refer to the act or sexual intercourse or the male genitalia, often called the "penis."
ex: "Uncle Robby, how many times have i told you, a door knob is not for humping upon!"
-and the word-
*age, a suffix used to descrbe any random word that wants to be exentuated upon.
ex: "Woa... you have some major boob-age going on here!"
History of the word: One fine summer-ish day in a gay ass town called potomac, the awesome princess named Shayna walked into the terrible ogar named Ilana's house. They were in the ogar's room when princess Shayna comented on the ogar's hideous handles, or "knobs" on her new dresser. Then Shayna, being a genious, screamed, "KNOBAGE!!!!" then to discover that it is the best word ever, decided to keep it as her own. I mean, without ME, i mean Shayna, everything would just be AWSO---
(anything) Knobage (anything)
by Princess Shayna September 20, 2007
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