An adrenaline junkie.

Named after Evel and Rodney Knievel two great daredevils.
That guy bungee jumps, sky dives, and jumps cars on his own bikes?! WOW, he's a knievel.
by woodenspoon June 24, 2005
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(kah - nee - val) verb - 1. to try with reckless abandon; 2. to act audaciously; 3. to focus on the effect as opposed to the result.
1. Jimmy really knieveled that girl last night. It's no wonder he got her number.

2. Dominique knieveled when she did that flip on the dancefloor.

3. Joe knieveled a bit last night with that white jumpsuit...yeah, the girls loved it but he still rolled home alone.
by david engelman December 12, 2007
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To wipe out or crash really hard (i.e. fly over the handle bars of a bicycle or motorcycle)
That guy totally kneiveled on that stunt.
by Roski January 28, 2005
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When someone "holds in" their bowel movements for at least three days. They then have someone lie down on the floor face up the person lying down is called the "trailer". Then the the person that hasn't had a bowel movement procceeds to give him/herself an enema using motor oil. After the extreme feeling of I-have-to-shit happens, the trailer then opens their mouth and the person jumps over them and tries to shit in their mouth.
Jason: Yo, Brian have you heard of "The Knievel"

Brain: No

Jason: Want to try

Brain: I guess

Jason: Okay, just lie down on the floor there, close your eyes, and open your mouth

Brain: I don't like this

Jason: Shut up BITCH!! and do it

Brain: Fine

Jason: It will be a sec I got to prepare

"The knievel has been done"

Brain: You are a sick FUCK you know that

Jason: Yes I do, but you have to admit it's pretty funny

Brain: Yeah that is pretty funny
by 2641 December 13, 2007
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A person who participates in extreme acts of douchebaggery.

Named after Evel Knievel known for his estreme stunts and general disregard for gravity.
"That guy's dog just shit in my yard and he just left it!"
"Damn. He's obviously a Douchebag Knievel"
by dudeguybroman January 19, 2012
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also known as the daredevil scorch, the Anal Knievel is a very unique form of anal sex. the recipient of the anal pleasure stays on the ground with their ass pointed up in the air. the person giving the anal pleasure jumps off an object in the room and attempts to land their penis/sex toy into the asshole of the recipient. if the landing is successful, the person giving the anal pleasure then scorches the recipient of the anal pleasure.
Jonny Anal Knievel'd me so hard last night! My asshole still hasn't stopped bleeding!

In my opinion, the Anal Knievel is best kind of scorch.
by mcdodoates October 5, 2009
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a man somewhere in the 70s that could death difying stunts that could pratically kill anybody that did it except him.....he was on tv a lot in the 70s
he has his own action figures....and 2 movie that came out around the 70s and the 80s and he will be having another movie about him very soon maybe 2007 with Matthew McConaughey i believe
by Dareblade21 February 27, 2004
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