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kneevage: noun, used to describe an excess of flesh that spills out over the top of knee-high boots. Especially prevelant in obese people who dress like prostitutes.

Kneevage has it's origins in East Yorkshire, and was first used in relation to an often absent middle-management pen-pusher
Cor, look at those boots she's somehow squeezed in to - what disgusting kneevage
by unsuitable work attire February 02, 2005
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When a womans breasts sag but she dresses to expose them anyway. Like cleavage but down around the knees.
Man, that old broad was showing some kneevage
by INOX NYC May 15, 2011
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When one is sitting with their legs pulled into their body and their knees are together, the space where the kneecaps meet, producing a crack of sorts. This scenario can be described as kneevage.
As I was sitting on the ground, I pulled my knees in, thus producing kneevage.
by Oldfasha November 03, 2007
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