1. Damn it baby, K.M.A! You always have to argue with everything I say!

2. K.M.A dramaqueen, you talk to much mess.
by K.M.A November 06, 2004
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KMA stands for "Kiss My Ass" - It is commonly used in the business world to refer to someone's last day of work, either due to retirement or resignation. In other words, "KMA" refers to the day you can tell the people you work for to kiss your ass, because they are no longer your problem.
Don't worry about that project.. 3 days til KMA!
by kreesta December 06, 2010
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This term is a self-coined abbreviation for "kiss my ass" which everyone realizes as soon as they're hit with it.
"You're gay". "Whatever, your mom's gay. So k.m.a."
by tha mizzle February 27, 2008
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Eli texting his friend Sam
Eli : hey bro !! let go watch a movie ...
Sam : oh am tired !! i don't feel like doing anything ..
Eli : ohhhh maaaaaan KMA
by bashaxp January 17, 2015
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