the most epic word used to describe left testicle cancer. but some times used to describe my friend.
by aName December 12, 2016
I hit the Klock that Bitch hit back, Gelato Got me Musty but I’m fresher than a TickTack
by LilBH the PopOutBandkit March 18, 2022
yo he got klocked.
I klocked him in the face
by yopapaz October 19, 2007
the act or process of skipping yards during swim practice
Damn it rob! your pulling a klock!
by baxter ftw March 1, 2011
A KDE user naming a clock program.
GNOME Developer: No, you can't just name it 'Klock' because it's made for Plasma!
Plasma Developer: Haha 'Klock' go brrrrr!
by Honbra October 17, 2021
studying achieve a 10 on a slut test; Doing whatever it takes to keep the legs apart; Boasting about how easy thereself is
Sherri: Just got asked to model for PlayBoy when I turn 18 :) yea or nah?

George: Will you stop Klocking?
by CornyVirgins December 29, 2011