A Mick, Irishman, drunkard, brawler...one who exemplifies all the stereotypical traits of being Irish
Check out that Kinsella, yo, he just pounded that lil' biatch that wrote the other defination for Kinsella!
by not a blond bitch September 02, 2003
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The Gaelic (Irsish word) for Kinsale, County Cork, Ireland.
Kinsella (Kinsale) is the best place in the world
by 'TAVI December 13, 2003
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Name deriving from Ireland.
1) Badassery
2) Bar Brawlers, Heavy Drinkers
3) Something that is too awesome.
Phillip: "Whats your last name?"
Patrick: "Kinsella."
Phillip: "Fuck yeah."
by Ktk1234 April 05, 2009
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Minkey Kinsella: i think if you look my name up in the dictionary there will be the words "accident prone". doh!
by MrWolvie April 08, 2012
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A Jessica Kinsella is someone with typically brown hair and glasses.
She is actually pretty cool go be friends with her 👌
Wow that’s jessica Kinsella, how cool is that fam?
by The fit guy master November 24, 2018
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He's smart, witty, annoying, funny and A future Prime Minister of Australia.
Quote By Himself
Luke Kinsella is such a nice bloke.
If I have problem I go to him.
Even though he's a bit full of himself, he's a very smart and funny guy.
All he talks about is Politics.
by Longwang68 October 03, 2020
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A super hot boy with rolls better than the bakery. Everyone should get ins with him
Girl 1 "Is that a bakery"
Girl 2 "Nah its Jack Kinsella"
Girl 1 "Still very hot tho"
by bertythegoaty September 10, 2020
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