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n. Origin in the 1980s. Extremely uncommon, hard to find. Hard working, dilligent, caring, pure and secretly just a little wild.
A Kindra is self-defining, and can only be understood if you find one.
by DDDDDDD February 19, 2007
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kindra has a boring urbandictionary entry, the one there is somewhat like her but not exactly.
she has her natural hair color, because thats how cool she is.
she likes to pierce herself for no reason, which is pretty classic to watch on webcam too.
everyone loves her except for her h@t3rZ who can slob on my knob, betch.
she likes to make funny faces and i dont think i've ever seen her smile in a picture.
nobodys too hardcore to smile, even kindra.
she has cool nicknames like kindrogasmic, kindromosexual, kindramatata, kindramatastic, kindro, etc.
she talks too much, but dont tell her that because then she might stop.
i love how she talks because i laugh almost every time.
even when its not funny its funny because she thinks its funny and so i think its funny and then the funny is just stupid funny which is funny in itself. funny.
she gives me an intense sexual feeling in my underpants, if you know what im saying.
just lookit her, who wouldn't want to sex that up.
i dont know what im talking about anymore so im just going to shut the fuck up.
oh and she is amazing at headbanging.
and moshing.
and she is so hardcore i might shit my pants.
last thing: she has amazing music taste.
anyone who doesnt agree with that can slob on my knob for the second time.
the end.
i have that rare disease, kindra, and i love it even though i'm going to die from it soon.
by NOAH:D February 04, 2009
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Kindra is one of the weirdest people you will ever meet, even if you don't know it yet. She might seem shy or quiet when You first meet her (unless shes with her friends and in a good mood) but once you get to know her you'll have a hard time shutting her up. Shes not afraid to express herself through her style and hair. When she falls for aomeone she falls hard, and you'll know if she likes you. Shes insucure at times but will act like she dosent care wjay others think. And if someone doesn't like her then shes bit going to try to make them. She doesn't care if someone doesn't like her because she k ows noy evryone will. She has 3 personalitys 1-extrevert who is a complete weirdo 2-introvert who dosent like talking to people 3- a complete weirdo who dosent give a crap about what other people think of her and her weirdness. But ni matter how many times someone screws her over, she will still be there if they need a sholder to cry on ir just to talk. She can keep a secret if you tell her to.
I wish I could be like kindra.
She doesn't care what iyhees think, I can tell she's a kindra.
by Michelle2024 May 23, 2018
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