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A loyal friend that won't let anyone hurt you except him he's a nice guy but hides that by being a douche bag and will fight for what he believes in. All in all he is a good friend but will beat you if you screw him over.
Guy 1: Hey look here it describes you
Guy 2: What the heck are you talking about you idiot?
Guy 1: It says right here that your a Kincade
Guy 2: Shut up douche bag
by BladeOfAHero5 March 31, 2012
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A reference to the Atlanta Talk Radio Host, John Kincade, who is incapable of talking without whining.

Also can refer to anyone who requires treatment for a vaginal yeast infection, or a Douche Bag.
My vagina hurts so much....I have enough yeast in my Vagina to supply the Wonder Bread Bakery.... if I am not careful, I will sound like a Kincade.
by Howie Pheltersnach July 27, 2009
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