A very guarded female, Kim Phuong is someone most likely to be of Viet, descent. Often looked over, she's the type to keep to herself , but this girl has tricks under her sleeves. She's the type to surprise the guys and the girls, she likes to make herself mysterious . She's often doing everythang except the bad things She values good morals but is still realistic . One thing for sure this girl can turn from 0 to 100, but despite being wronged she'll still forgive you, but that doesn't mean she won't leave you. To get with a female like her, is gonna take you ages but when you finally do, boy you settled for life.
Boy 1 : Dayum did you see her?

Boy 2: Dang Kim Phuong is crazy
Boy 1: But she logical tho
Boy 2: Im gonna tap n !
Boy1: gl bro its gonna take forever
by Yoiii July 08, 2018
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Saucier girl alive. Often seen not trying or putting effort into her looks. She wants to find a man who loves her at her lowest. Though she seems introverted, when she slips herself into that comfort zone she never goes back. She is usually vietnamese. And hella smart. Often can be sassy when she feels like it, but usually refrains herself cuz she hella nice too. This girl can vibe with anyone if she feels like it's worth it. Commitment is her thang. When u snatch up a Kim phuong u know she dedicated to you for life.
BOi : yo isn't that Kim phuong ?
Grill : yeh she glowed up real good ;))
Boi: Nah bro she been fineee since the beginning
by Lil kardi June 09, 2018
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