uber hot chick. girls wanna be her, guys wanna be with her. shes really flat up top, but has a nice ass. definite flirt.
by Homo McFagFag January 8, 2009
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The most beautiful and creative girl you will ever meet. She is talented and kind, but tends to be alone. She loves piano and is a great horseback rider. She is a rare person and a loner.
by Horseshoe February 25, 2018
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A Kieris is a very rare person. She is a fragile but strong girl that stands up for what she thinks is right. She is never fake and always stays herself. She had been through a lot but doesn’t like to talk about it. She has been hurt clountless times but keeps going. A Kieris usually is drawn to piano but uses it only to express her feelings.
What’s up with Kieris? She’s been so sad lately.”
by Horseshoe January 5, 2019
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Some one whos is hot sexy babe and awesome. Usally people that have name Kiery are tall and have brown hair and are every hot and sexy beasts... RAWR
Boy 1: who can be hot and a sexy beast?

Boy 2: Kiery of coarse.

by Matt Fareze December 24, 2008
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Awooga. Hot woman who’s good at gaming and is super funny plus she’s poggers.
Hey dude did you see Kiery?
Yeah bro she’s so cool and poggers.
by CanCanKitty December 21, 2020
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She's smart, talented, amazing at the piano, and has a great sense of humor. She is very outgoing, definitely NOT camera shy. She loves to film and will stop at nothing to pursue her dream of becoming an artist. Don't let this Kieri slip through your grasp; she may be the only one of her kind that meets this definition.
Dayyummmm that girl is BOOTIFUL!

No duh. That's Kieri.
by queennamedefiner November 25, 2017
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A player that most likely gets into relationships with people younger than him
That boy is such a kiery
by dumping August 2, 2021
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