the stupediest cd series ever. it has ruined some really good songs and making bad songs worse. its just another marketing scheme aimed at kids
person 1:my kid just got kids bop.
person2:why did you buy it for them
by kidsbophater August 04, 2004
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a kids band thing that 'sings' poplar song that makes the song no longer listenable
i hate kids bop
by last cello tso8 June 10, 2011
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a really super cool cd that all children under the age of 2 months should buy
kids bop would sell more if all of their consumers were able to pronounce words and ask for that piece of shit for christmas
by bill hinrichsen April 30, 2005
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A series of CDs (Theres 8 of them last time checked) where they get children who most likely don't know what the fuck they're singing.

More often then not, the songs are 2+ octaves too high.
I find it interesting that the song Bolevard of Broken Dreams got on the new CD. It has the word fuck in it...

*note*: Not that I like Bolvrd, but I just think its funny they chose that.
by Timmy J. Fonz July 10, 2005
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i’m making this definition so i can buy it on a shirt.
why ban gay marriage when you can ban kids bop would look great on a shirt
by sadinpink November 03, 2019
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When something not kid friendly is replaced with a usually cringy, kid friendly option.
My mom got the Kid Bopped version, so now all the curse words are replaced.
by Lillylikesfood December 22, 2021
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