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To tell someone to leave, in the same sense of 'fuck off' or 'get outta here'

the term came about for the fact that when lonely people are literally seen kicking rocks as they walk out of their boredom/depression...
Kick rocks bitch!

You said WHAT?! Motherfucka, kick rocks before I stomp yo punk ass!!
by Zero Of Da Star67 Boys April 03, 2004
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"Our labor is running too high, tell one of the boys to kick rocks"

"No one wants you here, now kick rocks!"
by Drumsolomashup October 10, 2009
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verb; what one would do after someone were to tell them to "F@#k Off" and their only recourse would be a non-violent display of frustration.
If you do not like my answer then kick rocks.
You want me to do what.....kick rocks!

If you do not like this phrase, then kick rocks!
by Francis Manley August 07, 2006
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tellin a person to get out your face, or to leave
or you can tell them to go walk on gravle!
kick rocks bitch!
shut up bitch and kick rocks!
by Tila December 11, 2007
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kick rocks- move on , walk away, leave
" that dude is trippin, he think he can have his cake and eat it to he betta kick rocks
by shaina mack November 29, 2007
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