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In relation to a computer, it's what you do, when it's acting up, in order to get it to work correctly again. It usually involves a series of applying the drastic last resort and/or brute force options. For example, turning off your computer by holding down the power button when end task doesn't work. Uninstalling and reinstalling the program when a reboot doesn't work. Finding and applying registry hacks. Using an entirely different program, computer or OS altogether. Removing hardware pci cards, one by one. Reinstalling the OS. Downgrading to the older OS. Replacing each piece of hardware one by one. Melting down the old pieces of hardware in case there's a trace of the software bug still sitting around on it wirelessly transmitting it's issue back to your computer. And the final last resort is melting down the entire thing and going back to pen and paper.
If this uninstaller doesn't get rid of AOL, then we'll have to kick it in the face.
by Neo42 October 10, 2008
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