a sexy man with w 14 foot penis and 8 million dollars and 3 lamborghinis and 2 pet lions and everyone wants to be him cause hes so sexy and hot and smart and hes basically god and he solos yo mama
“wow kiam is so sexy and beautiful i wanna be him and suck my own penis so bad
by balls2727262 March 26, 2021
used as a insult for hitler
by kiam February 27, 2008
kiam is a sweet, loving, hot, athletic, smart guy who is a real ladies man although he is a bit of a player all the girls love him.

kiam is also very good in bed ;)
person 1" so you like kiam ?"
person 2" maybe (; "
person 1" you know i've already been there "
person 2"...."
by missamazing007 April 13, 2011
a white girl that bathes in fake tan to try and be black

she also thinks she baddd💀
Eurgh your acting like kiam🤢
by Kiammcguire June 16, 2019
kiam is a girl who fake tanks too dark and injects herself with fake tan to be black on the inside and out. is a reverse michael jackson and likes to say ‘BELL MEH’
eurgh you’re acting like a real kiam right now!

reverse michael jackson
by kiamisreversemj June 19, 2019
A afro guy with a tiny a really tiny penis and is gay
Kiam is gay
by 8MARTIN8 September 12, 2017