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This person is beyond cool and is usually underestimated by many. He's kindhearted and he cares about people feelings more than his own feelings. Keep in mind, he's really secretive but if he thinks that you're trustworthy he'll open his heart to you. His past is tremendously unbelievable yet his future is unpredictable. He's hated on by many but loved buy a small amount. He's blind to his true love but when he realizes, it's gonna be too late.
He's good at hurting people without even knowing; really, really petty. But he's hilarious, he's nice to have as a friend. He loves working out and is attracted to girls that are smart, pretty and girls that work out as well.
Khali: wyd?
Girl: don't ask me nun!
Khali: k then....
10 mins later
Girl: why didn't you pick up my calls?
Khali: don't ask me nun!
Girl: why you gotta be so petty??
Khali: you're still interrogating.

Look at that funny boy over there, that must be a khali!
by lady chan October 08, 2016
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The prettiest girl/boy you will ever meet. They are smart and they think before acting. They are chill and if you meet a Khali, make them yours before they are gone. They are often poetic and are most likely a practical emo. if you need an honest answer, ask a Khali. Their confidence is outstanding. In conclusion, a Khali is one of the best people you will ever encounter.
Girl: did you see Khali at the party last night?
Boy: Yeah! She was amazing!
Girl: she looked like she belonged there. I wish I could go with the flow like that.
Boy: Yeah, that personality is what a guy dreams of. โ™ฅ๏ธ
by Allthefacts January 08, 2017
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also known as a hood leader. always be seen with a weapon. famous with it "broken law" attitude. also don't mess with this playa. might get kill if u mess with him. random also famous with his name.....
by mombiastch March 18, 2011
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. . Marijuana . weed . bud

Slang word for weed used in New Jersey , U.S.A
Kid 1: You got any khali on you?
Kid 2: Of course like always .
by =N' January 26, 2011
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A person willing to sucks Any bengaliโ€™s Cock even if it is small. The smell will help him suck better.
Khalis is from Temasek poly, he is gonna Khalis On Mahir
by Mahir Ashhab big dreams January 04, 2018
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