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Person that you can talk to about anything and she won't tell a soul unless you say it's OK.
Did Jagjit tell you? Jagjit told me what?
by Personperson09 December 21, 2016
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A dumb twat head looking motherfucker who is a stupid faggot and loves looking like a knob.
Damnnnn girl, you a nasty looking mother fucking jagjit
by fartyface May 01, 2014
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Pretty chill kinda guy, really smart but doesn't always know when to shut up.
Doesn't know the meaning of subtle hints.
Bit of an acquired taste but is a mate for life.
Makes great curry.
Person 1- This party would be pretty boring without Jagjit.
Person 2- Not really, he isn't exactly he life of the party but yeah, he does tend to liven things up a bit, doesn't he?
by aleathia April 20, 2018
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