Khala or Khalamoni, an Arabic word, used in South Asian countries (Bangladesh) to respectfully refer to one's aunt/aunty on the mother's side. Likewise, Khalu refers to an uncle.
Amar khala'air bhaji shobshthike bhalo hoi.

My khala's food is better than all of the rest.
by nazchowder January 24, 2018
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Khala is a arabic work meaning aunty. It is commonly used in south asia as well. It is a respectful word and has nothing to do with niggers.
tumhaari khala kahan hain
by smasher October 6, 2004
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The path of enlightenment for the Protoss Templars. The Khala, once mastered, allows the Templars to gain great wisdom and mental capabilities, such as the ability to use psionic abilities along with other capabilities. Protoss are able to reach the Khala due to their long neural strands growing off of the back of their heads, much like hair. If these strands are well kept, the Khala becomes easy to master, however, these strands cannot be cut because they never grow back (much like adult teeth in humans) and the way of Khala will forever be shut from a Templar, leaving them without power.
The Dark Templar reject the Khala for their own methods.
by Xivili June 26, 2011
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Aunties which are complete snakes, and out there to ruin your life. Has never wished you well and enjoys seeing you in hardship or trouble. Has no genuine sympathy and compassion for you. And probably isn’t happily married either.
My Khala’s such a snakey bitch
by Banter_HRS November 29, 2019
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Meaning "enough" in arabic, if you want to tell you're friends to stop, just say Khalas!
Person one: Ur mom! Hahahaha
Person two: Khalas....
by Anonymousperson2906 May 23, 2023
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the word brown people use to talk about black people. used most often when passing through a black neighbourhood or any generally ghetto area.
Peep these Khalas Yar.
"wo Khala tho dekho yar. sala khutha"
by brownman August 31, 2003
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