A Kev is the name given to the end of a joint, the small section left before the roach
forgetting you have the joint until its a kev

coming from the name of a legend of a brother who has sadly past recently, when we grew up in our small town this term seemed to stick in our friend group and my brother liked to travel so I know this term has already made it to Africa & Germany along with many many other places.... long story, he was some man.... I want to make him immortal, he will be missed
Did you just kev me, would you like a kev, did you just smoke that whole thing by yourself kev, ffs kev did you just kev me
by you've been kev'd November 18, 2019
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dont try calling people that go by the name kevin or else
hey kev-kev......ill kill you if you ever call me that again...ok kev-kev.....death to you bitch
by kyle fitzgerald March 09, 2004
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A Kev is gracious, alluring, strong, funny, and totally handsome. He is open about his life story’s and is ambitious about his future. He pulls you in with his luxurious eyes and taunting smile. You never wanna be without a Kev.
I wanna get with a Kev, nobody else deserves me
by Mommapoppa August 13, 2019
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a romantic action involving a man and woman in which the man physically suggests that fellatio is desired and should occur. this physical suggestion, also known as "...kevving" or "being kevved" is not violent or intimidating, yet it is exactly what the word suggestion implies... with a gentle, motivational push towards the back of the woman's head, the exchange of passion begins.
Wow... I walk into the kitchen, hoping to find something good to eat... and I got 'the kev' from him... WTF!!!" -- "Oh man, last night when we got back from dinner.... He totally put 'the kev' on me." -- "Gosh, the kids are away at soccer camp... 'The kev' is going to happen.... I can feel it." -- "Baby, just relax... I am going to give you 'the kev' all night long...
by thekev7 September 11, 2010
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A person who appears to have been struck in the face by a burning welly.
'mate that guy over there is a real kev'
by mousseyppi August 27, 2008
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