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Ketil is the state beyond perfect. While it is possible to prove that a system or something is perfect, Ketil can not be proved in the same way. This Ketil state only exists as a theory, since trying to measure such a ûber-perfect system will only bring it down to perfect. It was Albert Einstein which first came up with this theory during the second world war, and has later been accepted in most scientific circles, since it explains a lot of unknown phenomena.

Many opponents of the Ketil theory argue that it can not exist since it has never been measured, and that real scientists should not believe in such a God-like force.

Ketil was also used as a name before this theory, but the name became very popular after the Albert's über-perfect theory was published.
It is mostly used as a replacement word for the overused word perfect;
"Ah, this food was ketil!"

Or to describe the ultimate peace on earth;
"I think we should all live in peace and ketil"
by Dr.Mighty February 05, 2010
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