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bull shitting people so much to the extent they no longer care or listen to what you say to them. named from mr wright who talks shit excessively.

also he is bummed by Saggy Beacham in english much to the annoyance of everyone else
on a daily basis.

he also elaborates everything possible for instance his poor gran who broke her leg when actualy she didnt and his metal rib which he claims is now made of carbon fibre!
example 1. kestering at its best

kester: hey i have a metal rib from that snowboarding accident i had.

me: whoa serious. that must hurt

kester: yea it did but its okay now. its really annoying though it always sets off metal detectors at airports

me: shit that must be really annoying. can i see the scar?

kester: uh well there isnt one anymore

me: wtf there should be they gave you a metal rib

kester: *fuck*

example 2.

kester: my rib isnt made of metal its carbon fibre

random: yea sure it breaks ya tit

kester: *oh fuck*

by cunty mc jewbag March 05, 2008
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