To take the last full cup or serving, of a food or beverage, while leaving a small but less than full serving behind, which often casues the next person to either refill or make more of that item.
When Ryan filled up his cup with coffee he left less than a cup remaining in the pot. When Rob later went to get a cup for himself, he discovered that he had been "kerwined."
by Rob Leone April 25, 2007
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Kerwin CAN be sweet and sensitive but he can also be a selfless no hearted ass. He is in LOVE with a girl who doesn't like him but there is another girl and she likes him but he is 2 blind 2 see this!
Nickita: Dude you are pulling a kerwin on Nicky
Vlad: no im not!!!!
Nickita: Ya u r..
William: seriously dude stop denying it!!!
Vlad: ok maybe i am but i dont like her!!
by fuck yo mama April 10, 2008
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a cool, attractive and all round fun guy.
bro i wish i was kerwin right now
by kiwithehomie November 22, 2021
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Kerwin is a loving boy that loves taking care of his friends and family. He has a hard time understanding reading but is really good at math. He has a big ego that he carries around with him. He falls in love quickly and gets heartbroken quickly as well. He tries his hardest when it comes to a relationship and does everything he possibly can. Cute, smart, handsome, strong, boy who has his strong beliefs.
by BIGGASSMALLASS July 13, 2019
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Flatulation ejected through the penis. Also called a "dickfart".
I totally blew a Kerwin when I heard Paradise City!
by The_Kerwinator January 9, 2011
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Kerwin this is a popular loner, they are known but not known for anything,deep thinkers but friendly,observant and very lowkey intelligent.
why you so quiet, you're such a Kerwin
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He is the most almost perfect guy you've ever met. He can be intense and tempered, yet he is be the most friendliest guy you've ever met. He may be the roughest person you've faced at first, but once you've warmed up to him he has the kindest soul that anyone has ever asked for, you can even say it's from out of this world. Good spirited, Full of energy, Charming , Funny, Bright as hell, as well as Hella Handsome and Hella Cute rolled into one. He's youthful in every way and that's what makes him Attractive. As long he's with right company, he'll amplify the energy you're giving off. Yes, he's made mistakes, been hurt, damaged to the point of being broken till being rebuilt from the ground up. Boy turnt to Man

Take the Chance! Walk up to him... Hug Him long and tight! Hold his Hand! Kiss Him with passion! And for the love of God tell him you love him and keep him close!
Oh My God, Kerwin is a Fricking sweetheart!!!
by Braytlayts April 14, 2022
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