"I was in a kerfuckle when I realized I had left my ATM card at home".
by teachmcnetti May 30, 2005
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n. a messed up mess
v. to mess something up
The political candidate created a real kerfuckle for himself, when he lied about his finances.
by T.V. John November 7, 2016
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To enter a never ending cycle of dropping work tools when wearing a employer issued baggy jacket
"I only dropped a pen; then I kerfuckled my lighter, a crummer, six more pens, mints, and my phone. Fuck these jackets!"
by cheeznuggit April 16, 2015
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A word-mix of "ker-plop", "fuck-up", and "fumble", meaning:

1) A huge mistake or poor decision made by a dumbass.

2) A person guilty of such dumbassery that the word is applied directly to him/her.
1) *Our dumbass president makes another stupid decision* "Well, that was a kerfuckle of a move."

2) *Dumbassery is commited* "Dude, you are such a king-sized kerfuckle."
by hater_of_dumbasses July 23, 2010
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A thing or situation that is "fucked up". An unwanted event resulting in misfortune. Something gone terribly wrong.
Mary drank too much at the party and puked on the record player, thus rendering it completely kerfuckled. In this example, Mary may also be described as being kerfuckled as she was pukeing drunk, and also created a disruptive, "kerfuckled" social situation.
by lasagnaisyummy December 9, 2013
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(Ker fuck uld). To mess up a goof or a gaff do not count this is for accidents
by Cajack808 February 8, 2017
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A word describing unfortunate events related to 2020
by AGCAMR November 7, 2020
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