A lovely little town of about 15 000, that rests on Lake of the Woods. Kenora is a culturally diverse place, with an abundance of wildlife and rugged terrain. Normally a quiet little town, until the tourists begin to arrive. This, most of the time is a good experience for all involved. However, there are the occasional red neck prairie chickens who come along and drive like their in the backcountry. There attitudes often invite curious looks from the townspeople, and an occasional expletive. These are rare, and anyone who wants go there for a good time is always welcome, as long as they can have a bit of respect for the town.
by Kenmom December 13, 2007
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A small, isolated community of about 15,000 that rests on Lake of the Woods. A tense little place where everyone stares at you when you're from out of town. There are approx. ten or fifteen good people living in Kenora. The rest are racist redneck bastards who enjoy nothing more than urinating on passed out natives in the park. Often a Kenora redneck can be heard shouting "Faggot!" out his truck window.
"Just got back from Kenora...worst time of my life."
by lashawndra May 02, 2006
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A small town of 16 000, on Lake of the Woods. It has no shopping and your favourite place to buy clothing is the bargain shop. While walking through Lakeside with a packsack, you are most likely going to get it stolen by a local homeless. The population is half rednecks coming from Minaki, and a quarter are drug addicts or alcoholics. Being in highschool in Kenora, there is never ending drama that usually includes sex partners, or being fat. I may not forget to mention that walking down Matheson your sure to make some new friends that piss on the walls of the dry cleaners. Don't forget to come visit us, we're sure you'll love it!
In Kenora.. "My bestfriend just had a baby!" "How old is she?" "12" "WTF"
by kenorababy December 12, 2010
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A nice Ontario city on Lake of the Woods full of native culture and no good place to shop, anywhere. Very beautiful scenery and way too many deer, I mean we might as well kill half of their population or soon there will be more of them, then of us. Our population doubles with Manitobans in the summer who come just for our lakes and to drive around like maniacs or to drive us crazy. We have a giant fish statue and people think that is very special.
Tommy: It was so fun to go fishing in Kenora.

Jane: I wanted to go shopping, this place sucks.

Dad: Lets see how many people honk at us as we drive 15km/h through this roundabout!

Mom: What a beautiful town, stupid mosquitoes why don't they go kill some of the deer here.
by thatgirlissuchalauren May 09, 2011
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Its a town of around 16,000 people most of which are eaither alchy natives shtting all over the the public washrooms or young girls getting pregnant. Unless you are blessed with hight surplusing 6 feet walking the streets alone at night in certain areas is very stupid. Kenora has a lot of beautiful scenery but its sometimes hard to see past the drunk homeless and tweaked out druggies roaming the streets. Also If you google Wendigo lore Kenora comes up alot.
I was in Kenora and had to shit I went into the zellers restroom and ran right back out. I found and alley to shit in and got beat up by homless people. I then ran for the woods and saw a pregnant teen getting eaten by a Wendigo. all in all a fun experience.
by Limna March 18, 2011
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A wool reversible jacket, with red plaid on one side, and hunter’s orange on the other.
Look at this hoser wearing his kenora dinner jacket, must be a formal out on sabasquaw
by Therealrothman March 20, 2019
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