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noun/adjective: A person who call other guys gay in order for others to target the other person as gay. Thus, allows Kennith to be low targeted as gay because he is truly gay himself.
That Kennith is really being a kennith.
by NerdWord123 October 09, 2011
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A character from Ghost's COMMUNICATIONS series. He is featured in two songs, COLORBARS and BROADCAST ILLUSION.
He wants to die and is memeing again. In COMMUNICATIONS, he is voiced by VOCALOID Fukase.
Kennith: End me
by -[pouiy July 19, 2018
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Kennith is an Is an amazing, And awesome boy who is a chick magnet and loves sports. No one can really understand him but he’s cool
You know I never understand that kid, Kennith.”
by Jaylan May 12, 2018
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