Kennith is an Is an amazing, And awesome boy who is a chick magnet and loves sports. No one can really understand him but he’s cool
“You know I never understand that kid, Kennith.”
by Jaylan March 19, 2018
A character from Ghost's COMMUNICATIONS series. He is featured in two songs, COLORBARS and BROADCAST ILLUSION.
He wants to die and is memeing again. In COMMUNICATIONS, he is voiced by VOCALOID Fukase.
Kennith: End me
by -[pouiy July 19, 2018
If you ever meet a Kennith you will never ever regret it! Kennith is a trustworthy, smart, loyal, funny, caring, kind, helpful and an understanding guy you will ever know. He may seem very weird and awkward at first but once you get to know him he's the bestest friend you will ever have. He can keep your secrets, dramas and craziness that only both of you could understand, he seem to enjoy his own fantasy which is a bit weird not gonna lie! He's very observant and can immediately tell if you're lying! He tend to hide his pain on his beautiful smile but deep inside he craves for love, care and a hug. He just needs to be reminded that he is not a nobody. Kennith is one of a kind and really rare, but if you ever meet one you're lucky!!
I met a kennith once and until today we're still best friends
by Mash01 March 16, 2023
some boy who was emotionally neglected by his parent and got bullied for being gay so he broadcasted colorbars or whatever
Stephanie: "oh shit kennith is about to commit die"
"too late now"
by SaccharinAlmonds February 12, 2022
noun/adjective: A person who call other guys gay in order for others to target the other person as gay. Thus, allows Kennith to be low targeted as gay because he is truly gay himself.
That Kennith is really being a kennith.
by NerdWord123 October 9, 2011
someone who calls you every day
kennIth is calling

prank kennIth and he will call you
by fantastic noodles August 14, 2008
Ur probably here because of ghost and pals' song "broadcast illusions" or "colorbars" which is now titled "bar" on youtube. The song(s) have a software thats fukases vocaloid voicebank.Kennith Simmons is a gay boy who gets bullied for being lgbtq+. This guy has invested on electronics and soonly met evelynn jacot after stephanie glass got into a fight with kennith. Kennith and evelynn planned hijacking a broadcast that makes the nation do a whole mass suicide to get payback from being bullied. Stephanie glass was deaf so the broadcast couldn't affect her. Close to when the broadcast was about to be finished kennith felt like it was wrong to do this. Evelynn forced kennith to keep the broadcast going but kennith didn't. Kennith then killed himself while the screen was black. Stephanie got worried and ran into kenniths house breaking the door down. Stephanie ran upstairs which had wires and stacks of tvs that played brightly lit colorbars. Towards the ground upstairs was a pool of blood that kennith had been laying in.
Me:hey have u heard of kennith simmons?
by Kenny chan October 26, 2020