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A girl who some how manges to be everyone's best friend. She's gorgeous on Camera and in person. She always in style and not to mention has a nice rack. You definitly want to befriend this chick she'll make your life worth wild
Omg Kennadi is so perfect just standing there...ugh why can't I be her
by Lana Soccer Lover November 29, 2014
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A funny silly girl that always likes to have fun. She very gorgeous with all her melanin. She loves her natural hair. Shes always in style not to mention she's very curvy, and she has a nice booty. You can rely on her at any time, because she cares about you.
Who's that crazy girl over there, oh that's Kennadi.
by Khasoftball32 January 02, 2017
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The absolute perfect girl, with the most beautiful brown eyes, soft lips, adorable freckles all over. A girl with the most beautiful soul, such a kind, caring girl that absolutely anyone would be so lucky to have in their lives.
Oh man I’m so in love with a prefect girl”

“She sounds like a Kennadi”
by Icewagner January 13, 2019
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Kennadi’s A bad chick and Popular She would beat the hell outta u ! She’s Cute , Smart & Mean She’s spoiled everyone likes her . She has so many friends and lotta best friends .
I wanna be Kennadi friend !

I’m scared of Kennadi .

She so popular.
I wish I can be her some day .
by Ammie Jones February 17, 2019
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A black girl who has big boobs, a lisp, shy personality, and somehow everyones friend.
Dude 1: hey look at kennadi over there
Dude 2: oh her? The quiet chick?
Dude 3: yeah shes the one with big boobs
Dude 1 & 2: 😒
via giphy
by Pseudonym princess June 03, 2018
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A woman is very salty and will be annoyed at everything everyone does
There’s Kennadi, she is always salty
by Monkang July 08, 2019
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