A highly desperate attempt at a nickname for the name Kelly and also only one letter shorter....
Random: Hey Kell!
Kelly: Hi
by the idiot in your cereal April 17, 2008
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It's origin comes from the old world Killarney(Irish) dialect for "Smokin' Hottie". It is also usually followed up by either "Hubba-Hubba" or "Damn". Not to be confused with "common" names for "common" people the lone "e" at the end sets this lass apart from all others.
"Hi there, I am Kelle."


by Dr. Duck February 3, 2010
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In reference to any weed related matter, often used as a code word. It can be used in many aspects, referring to: what, how much or how high one gets.
1. wanna' get some kell?

2. aww man I'm totally kell'd right now

3. Man 1: yo' wanna get some weed?

Man 2: yeah how much?

Man 1: a kell?

Man 2: fuck yeah!
by fankymadmanfuckhead December 21, 2011
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The motion of throwing your hand in the air while blowing someone's back out.
I hit the kells when I was hitting her from the back
by Eddie lomain January 7, 2021
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An avid conversationalist skilled in the language of love and life
'he's a real kells, truly a master in the ways of story-telling'

'that's kells had me arguing about mushroom growing for 2 hours straight'
by King of geese March 21, 2020
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