The act of doing what you have been doing but an encouragement to do it more.
Often used when talking to others about what they should be doing "make sure you keep on keeping on"
by Eumeus February 23, 2014
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Encouraging someone to do what they've been doing.
" Hey Rami, keep on keeping on dude!"
by vageneannihilaters December 23, 2017
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This is an expression to encourage someone to keep going, to keep trying, to never stop! Keep on going!
by LingDanc803 February 9, 2023
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When someone says something that’s true about you or anything or anyone one else so you tell them to “ keep it right “ basically just to inform them that it’s true and that they should “keep it tight “ like they should never for get it basically keep it tight in the head .
Ben: yoo your so funny

Me : yep, keep it right keep it tight
by Your BFF 22 May 17, 2021
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Similar to the "Just keep swimming" mantra from Finding Nemo, except this applies to.. you guessed it, the caressing of the male organ.
"Just keep stroking, just keep stroking..." is nice to remember when you're in a rut and can't get any.
by Submitters of Words June 26, 2011
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