(1)The daily intentional effort to grow and maintain healthy relationships with others; (2) Being dedicated to a lifestyle of integrity; (3) Honest effort, no malicious motives
I keep it 100 with all the people I come across.

She's been keeping it 100 since the day I met her.
by SirLove December 29, 2017
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to keep yourself real and true, to be honest and stick to the way you are, no matter what any one else thinks.
I gotta stay focused and keep it 100 these last few weeks of highschool so i can get into college. And that's real talk!

You don't have to like my decision. I'm gonna keep it 100 and do what I feel is right.
by HightowerBrownSkinStar February 17, 2005
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a financial planning technique whereby one attempts to keep all c notes intact.
"I just made 100 bucks today!"
"Keep it 100."
"You know what, I think I will resist the temptation to smoke and drink my earnings away."
"That's smart, bro."
by B.S. Jones January 29, 2015
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Adding 50 and 50. In otherwords, you are bi-sexual.
by Gato Negro March 6, 2005
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To tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. AKA "Keep it Real" or be honest with youself as well as others.
Used the same as "on the strength", "on my Momma", "swear to God", "real talk", "on everything I Love" "on the for-realla my nicca" and of course "Keep it 100".

by Simply Ecstasy December 9, 2007
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"Ye told me to kill yall to keep it 100" Jay-Z - DOA
by ACabana July 22, 2010
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IN BRIEF: to keep yourself fake and false to yourself and/or others; to be dishonest; to resist the temptation to be real or stay real or keep it real, regardless.
WOMAN: You know I keep it 100.

MAN: You mean you keep it -100.
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 29, 2010
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