2 definitions by Will.C

Girl/Guy point average

The average hotness of all the guys/girls you have slept with.
All the guys Sandy has slept with are very attractive, most of them are male models, she has like a 4.0 GPA

ya and Tom just slept with that ugly fat chick from that party...it seriously hurt his GPA.
by Will.C October 12, 2009
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Said at the end of a conversation as a parting statement. Meant to imply that the other person should "take care" or to "keep it real"
Dude 1: anyway i have to go. I'll talk to you later.
Dude 2: alright dude
Dude 1: see you later, take care
Dude 2: Keep your mango's fresh
by Will.C April 12, 2009
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