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1.the hottest guy ever that everyone wants but nice
3.some drunk (but good looking)irish bloke sitting in a pub with a pot of gold
person1.)omg! sex-bomb!! he is such a keelan..
by hot x0 August 22, 2008
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He's a super sweet guy and acts really crazy in front of his crush. Keelans go for girls beginning with th eletters " S, R, L or T. He can be slightly dumb but is really funny.
Wow! That guy is so funny!

Yep he's a keelan!
by Sweetchair March 11, 2018
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A black guy but he acts like the whitest guy ever, good at basketball. Not the hottest guy ever but loves everyone and is so sweet he would literally do anything for anyone. He is THE FUNNIEST GUY EVER! kind of petty but not in a bad way and is super fun to hangout with
1. "Omg keelan your so fucking funny.
2. "Everyone Keelans friend its not fair."
by superfunhotdogman July 09, 2017
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The literal definition of Keelan is actually petty. But you can look into Keelan further than that. Besides being petty, Keelan is also very self centered and thinks he is the best at absolutely everything. But, in fact, he is shit.

Due to his huge ego, Keelans generally go for Sophie girls. Since the name is so absurd and retarded, it is likely that you will only meet one Keelan throughout your life.
Guy 1: Why did we let Keelan on the football team? He's shit!
Guy 2: Because he told us that he could play football just like Ronaldo!
Guy 3: Yeah...and also he said he would block us on every social media if we didn't.
by Ryedale Roasts February 01, 2017
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a hockey player that HAD(NO LONGER =-( long hair who likes to be annoying. Also plays lacrosse.

favorite hockey team is the capitals. ._/

also likes to froggy hop a lot at random times.
wow Keelan, if you jump so high like all the way to china then fall I'm gonna laugh =-)
by yo momma at the grocery store November 30, 2013
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Can be a girl or a boy name. Is very sweet and active. Normally known as hot or sexy. Has a wonderful personality that people want to be around but don't get on their bad side. They have a smile that can light up a pitch dark room and make someone's day. When there sad you know something's wrong because they are usually the happy one on the group.
How is Keelan always happy?
Keelan's smile lite up the room.
by KziegR May 23, 2018
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verb, any sick and brutal slaughter or consumption of puppies, kittens and/or cute baby animals.

noun, a demented irish man that probobly wants to cause you mental or physical pain.
verb: those crazy hoboes snuck int o the zoo and keelaned all the cute animals.

noun: oh my god dude, that sketchy guy over there with the potatoes and the pot of gold is a keelan...he was on the news last week.
by mr. polycronopolus September 26, 2007
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