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In addition to the previously mentioned oral sex, a "kedern" can also refer to oral-anal sex, better known as a rimjob. Also referred to as "salad tossing".
My new cellmate Bubba forced me to give him a kedern, or he said he would give me a hot beef injection.
by jhh October 29, 2004
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This is any form of sucking on the balls and dick. Fitting both the balls and cock in mouth is called a Kedern. And the 2223 is how many dicks i tried fitting in my mouth and ass.
I got so drunk that i did a kedern with a orgy of guys haha im a homosalad boy lick ass penis
by roflpwnd October 28, 2004
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A "Kedern" is also a potential Real Life Looser that likes to pick up the soap for a bit cash. The "2223" is a special individium that loves to do it for free in the public.
Hey u see this guy over there? I bet hes a Kedern2223 lets rape him and loot his remains.
by OMGuGOTpwnedAGAIN November 21, 2004
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A rather nasty blister loccated in an extremely embarrasing place, usually septic, putrid and full of black maggots. Not to be confused with a person.
"why are you walking like that?"
"I have a kedern and it's really bugging me"
"dude, you should get that removed in a costly surgical procedure"
by Elastor! April 15, 2005
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