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A mixture of okay and then. A fast snippy was to say "okay then..." Useful in situations when you don't know what to say, people are being assholes, or you have no other response.
Jack- "Wanna hang out"
Keri- "No"
Jack- "kden"
by Kden master August 03, 2013
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Used to replace, "Ok then". If you have a friend by the name Kaden or Caden, then piss them off by confusing them with this very phrase.
Kaden or Caden: The party will start at five
Person: K den
Kaden or Caden: Yeah?
by Detective Kank January 02, 2019
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Pidgeon (hawaiian slang) for "ok then"
Moke 1: I going see you den
Moke 2: Kden!
by aimlesswander April 03, 2007
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Just a way to say "alright then" in a lazy way created by the sexy dom vanner.
Stuart: Hey dude lets go watch a movie or something?
Me: kden..

by Dominic Vanner October 24, 2005
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