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Kaynat is a girl beyond imagination she is always so bright and cheerful and NEVER feeling down. She can be a bit of a sensitive slug sometimes but that's only because she is so caring and considerate (although she might steal your food at lunchtime). She would never hurt anyone purposefully and if she did unknowingly she would say sorry more than anyone can even count.

She is a great friend and a even better best friend and she will always be by your side NO MATTER what.
person: "Hey Kaynat!"
Kaynat: "HEY How You Doin"
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by Lizβ™₯ July 07, 2016
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a really skinny girl who wants to gain wait really badly and wishes she was as cool as me :) <3
<kid one> omygoosh, look at my legs
<kid two> they look fine to me kaynat
<kid one> im so skinny
<kid two> thats a good thing
<kid one> but im ugly skinny
<kid two> nooo ur not
<kid one> i wish i was as cool as you
<kid two> ok, lets not get our hopes THAT up!
by ic.howitis22 June 04, 2011
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