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Karym is always that someone you can count on. They have a big heart that touches everyone. Although if they're tested can be meanest person out there. They go out of their way for friends and will do anything to get a smile or laugh out of someone. They're one of those fun loving people that is sure to have a good time whether they are out at the club or just bumming it at home. Karyms are just amazing all around and having them as your friend is the best possible option. they are definitely best friend material. They are beautiful / handsome people who are great companions in any relationship. They love deeply once they've found the one they love but can be very flirtatious when they still havent found the one.

Their moto: live life to the fullest and with no regrets
Dang Karym just brightened up my day
Karym is the absolute best!
by DWWMT February 25, 2013
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