1. We know that chameleons are reptile lizards that cange color in an instant, often due to emotion. A karma chameleon is a person who is a gung-ho supporter of a certain cause or celebrity and when things turn out different or when something is discovered about the said hero ('pillar of the community') that person claims that s/he never was a fan in the first place. Such people switch sides, allegiences and opinions in an instant, they deny and lie in order to look 'cool'.

2. A number one hit for the British band Culture Club. It was the biggest hit for the year 1983 in the UK, topping the charts fot 6 weeks and it also hit #1 in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Holland, New Zealand, Norway, apartheid South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US where it was at #1 for 3 weeks during the harsh winter of 1984. It hit #2 in West Germany, #3 in Austria and #8 in then Communist Poland.
1. Bubba was a Ted Nugent, he never served during the Vietnam War but he cheered for it, claimed that nobody had a right to oppose it. Years later he says it was a waste yrt he brings up that 'Jane Fonda' shit all the time. IOW, he's a karma chameleon.
2. JackOff Jimmie is an armchair warrior asshole, watching war drama on TV and cheering, 'Yaaayyyy! Kick some ass! Kill dem Ayy-RABS! Nuke em to hell, yeah!' with a beer in one hand and playing pocket pool with the other. Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Libya, whatever. HE'S a 'Patriot', ya see. Now that the US is leaving Afghanistan he suddenly 'was against it all along'. Don't give us veterans that 'karma chameleon' shit, chickenhawk!!!
3. Geeky Jee LOOOOVED Donnie Douchebag Trump, saw his tantrumy 'innauguration' on TV and is a total starfucker. Now that everybody can see what an evil fascist pig and traitor Spanky Don really is, Geeky Jee is now deserting the sinking ship and really 'never liked' that pussy-grabbing piece of shit. Where were YOU, karma chameleon?

4. Tommie thinks he's so 'cool'. In 1988 when the Cincinnati Bengals were headed to Super Bowl XXIII he was instantly and always a Bengals fan. When the Bengals bungled and got smashed big time by the San Francisco 49ers in the 1989 Game, the next day he is and always was a San Francisco 49ers fan.

5. 'Karma Chameleon' is a nice pleasant song from my senior year in HS.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice September 06, 2021
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I didn’t know you where such a Karma Chameleon, Damian!
by Some Warrior?? June 02, 2019
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