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A term coined by the American physician Alice Bunker Stockham (1833-1912) for non-religious spiritual sexual practices that draw upon tantric techniques of body control but do not involve any of tantra's cultural or iconographic symbolism. The goal of Karezza is to enable the man to actually separate orgasm from ejaculation, being able to experience one without the other. The Latin name for Karezza is coitus reservatus. Karezza practiced by a man alone is usually referred to as tantric masturbation or edging.
Lucy and I spent the evening doing karezza. She came three times and I eventually ejaculated after 90 minutes.
by Jack Martin Leith February 01, 2008
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prolonged sex avoiding orgasm.
"We had some karezza the other night. My boyfriend didn't seem to like it.
by linds March 26, 2005
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