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1. (adj.) A synonym for words such as "cool", "tight", "sick", and "amazing".

2. (adj.) To describe something that is legit.
A) Dude! I saw that movie and it was totally jij!
B) Dang girl, you're looking jij today.
C) Wow, I am feeling so jij right now.
D) Dang, that hit was so jij!
by Mr. Abstract Tiger April 03, 2010
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A word that was created because Americans are unable to use any other adjectives besides "amazing" and "awesome".

It simply means amazing or awesome.
1. That shirt is totally jij.
2. I love your car, it's so jij!
3. I need that game; it is jij.
by MountainMan1346 April 08, 2010
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The alternite to 'LOL'. Also meaning any other word in the English language. Or in Armenian. It can mean 'pencil', 'racecar' or even 'dirty fat ugly bitch'. Jij is a universal and unique word. The founders are Julianna and Rita and they are awesome. Never forget that.
"Jij your mother!"
"Can you pass me the jij?"
by LitaLuliannaLalaian January 18, 2009
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