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a girl who is very funny and knows what she want . she is pretty , sweet &, nice when she wants to be .she has a great personality and is a great friend she always know what to say to cheer someone up and always know what to say to brighten someones day , She is not a Backstabber or Fake . She states facts and thats why people dislike her or feel some type of way but she dont really care because they just keep crawling back.
girl :kaniyah is my bestfriend

kaniyah : aww
by unknown6 August 07, 2011
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Kaniyah is a beautiful, bright , smart girl if she wants something she works for it she gives everything she does and 100 percent no matter what the challenge is , she’s the type of girl that makes you wanna fall in love shes the type of girl that doesn’t care about others opinions she’s just kaniyah
Boy: kaniyah is just so damn pretty

Girl: I know she’s my bestfriend
by Nehe October 16, 2018
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