Rather than saying summer CAMP (which stands for Constipated Annoying Maggot Place) Say kamp. It means the same thing, just with a k. (Think of cool, kool, or kewl.)
Also a great guild on neopets.
I am in summer kamp. It is so kool!!!
by hannahbanana18xo June 27, 2007
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established; strong; immovable; indefatiguable; undefeated;
na so i waka go hospital for the HIV test. but you know me na; i dey kampe! nothing do me. i no come get the virus.

na so Goodluck Jonathan go contest for election, people think say im no go win: as per say na Niger-Delta but the guy dey kampe! dem no fit defeat am!

when this people dem dey demolish people shop for balogun market, dem no demolish my own na. my shop just tanda... come dey kampe; no shaking!
by renee anastasia davidenko June 22, 2011
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Camping in the loosest sense of the word. Electrical outlets, water spigots, and metal fire pits. Heavy use of cell phones, speakers, and other electronics.

Name derived from the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) in the US, a chain of commercial campgrounds built near highway exits.
They went kamping with a K. I don't think they ever turned off that portable TV.
by m0dest July 06, 2011
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The biggest simp you’ll ever meet. He’ll hop on the Warzone and then FaceTime his “boo thang” ignoring the boys for the entire night. He only speaks capping, telling you one thing and then doing another (he’s bilingual, he speaks English and lies). Is an all around bitch
He pulled a Drew Kamp after saying he was gonna hop on the gamebox with the boys.
by TheBoysAreAlwaysRight September 20, 2020
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when you have to many pot brownies and you get a terrible stomach ache/cramp.
(person 1)- dude I got kummy kamps I had way to many pot brownies pot pot brownies high last night.

(person 2)- bro I hate that feeling!
by Kiraskyy July 28, 2016
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spongebob spin off featuring spongebob and friends in summer camp.many people were very hyped for this series and nobody put words in a dead mans mouth or complained about Continuity in a episodic comdey cartoon cause that would quite ridiculous!
Someone: have you seen kamp koral yet?

me: yeah! it's awesome!
by theeggcarrier March 01, 2021
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A spin-off of the TV show spongebob squarepants which was developed by brian robbins and is expected to premiere in 2020. Hated by a bunch hypocritical enterbots after seeing a Twitter post by Paul Tibbitt trying to defend himself due to the hatred that was geared towards him after running the show between 2005 and 2015.
"Kamp Koral sucks! It's disrespectful to Steve's legacy."
"Say wasnt u harassing the writers a couple years ago, and now they tryna defend themselves so yall r sucking their dick?"
by qbkbrown November 01, 2019
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