Kamakaze, often spelled Kamikaze means "divine wind". It's the name originally given to the mighty Typhoon that destroyed an invading Mongol fleet in the 13th century. In WWII it was also associated with the suicide bombers, which made some people believe that it actually meant "divine death", but it does not.
by Bram July 6, 2003
term for extreme ownage often used in the past tense, also the name of an extremely 1337 gamer
Mutha f*cka you got Kamakazed you ain't got a head left!!
by KamakazeSpec March 1, 2006
Putting yourself in deadly situations for money or the use of a deadly weapon for money
Kamakaze tucked on me in case they run up on me
by Splattah March 29, 2020
in japanese it means "divine wind" which in the past was atyphoon practically killing everyone in the fleet. in world war 2, there were kamakaze pilots which crashed into a neuclear plant or bomb plant or somthing. ethir way it wiped out thousand of american veterants.
japanese pilot: KAMAKAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
pvt. jacob: What the heck is that idiot doing?? what? he going to crash the plant!! RUN!!!

A fart that is strategically placed in a room to target and deeply offend and stun certain individuals.
The farter has no fear of being found or ratted out; he has one objective, and that is to neutralize his target. This fart is often let in retaliation(ex girlfriend), to invoke fear and confusion or can be used to create a smoke screen while people break contact and leave the room.
Bro, see Helen over there with her new boyfriend, I am about to get her back for leaving me. I am heading in to let the Kamakaze Fart, if we dont speak again, it has been good to know you.
by Goatoghillgary January 4, 2017