Definition 1- A sexy, tall 16/17 year old who's the CEO of Kaiba Corporation and has a condescending personality. He has a younger brother named Mokuba who's 11. Kaiba's first name is Seto, and his full name (Kaiba Seto) means "Sea-Horse-Shallows-Person". Kaiba enjoys duel monsters and is one of the best players in the world. He is Yuugi's greatest rival.

Definition 2- A certain someone's bishie (*coughcough*) (see definition 1).
D1- Kaiba is obsessed with defeating Yuugi in a duel fair and square.

D2- Better not kill Kaiba or a certain somebody will chase you forever until she catches you and murders you for destroying her bishie!
by Sarah Kaiba July 17, 2004
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one of the main antagontists of yugioh and yugi's biggst rival. he is obsessed with beating yugi and becoming the best after his defeat and loss of world champion to yugi
by david September 28, 2003
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A character on Yu-Gi-Oh with a rather gay sounding voice.
Pound me harder, Yugi-boy
by Stinkoman February 18, 2005
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Kinda like the anime version of Scrooge McDuck, although much less fluffy.
by Busard January 11, 2011
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The ultimate atheist who does not allow himself to be controlled by his past, he makes his own destiny. He had many visions because the Millenium Items such as the Rod (He was the wielder of the Millenium Rod in a past life, three thousand years ago.) and the Tauk (to show him fighting Yugi, Pharoah Atem in his past life) showed visions to him, still, he believes they are mind tricks played on him. His parents died when he was ten and he was sent to an orphanage. Determined to turn thier life around, Seto challenge Gonazaburo Kaiba, the reigning chess champion and buisness tycoon, to a game of chess. Seto made a deal with Gonazaburo. If Seto won the match, Gonazaburo would adopt him. Seto won and being adopted did not conclude Seto's hardships. Seto was overworked while Gonazaburo trained him to inherit is company, KaibaCorp. During this long process, Seto became cold and heartless.
The ambitious man aquired the last name Kaiba and he took over his step-father's company by using the company's board of directors "The Big Five." He turned KaibaCorp into a gaming company instead of a company that makes instruments for war. Also Seto plays and loves Duel Monsters a card game and he will not settle for second best. Seto is always obessed with beating Yugi but he never surmonted him. He has an affinity for using the rare Blue Eyes White Dragon monster card and he has all three copies in the world in his deck.
When Seto Kaiba was in the orphanage, he told his brother Mokuba, to toughen up and not to expect anyone to help them out in their time of adversity. Instead of praying or begging, Seto used his superior intelligence to climb out of skid row and become one of the most prosperous buissness men in the world.
by KaibaCorpCEO July 18, 2004
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A big pp'd uwu femboy who is also a giant prick and eats alot despite being thinner then a fucking lampost
Person1: is that kaiba-sensai because that dude looks like a prick
Person2: could be let's go ask
by Kaiba-sensai April 25, 2021
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