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To accuse someone of some form of "ism" (sexism, racism etc.) and to proclaim that their denial, or any attempt they make to defend themselves, is proof that they are guilty. A favorite tactic of the social justice warrior.
"Your refusal to admit that you are a misogynist proves you're a misogynist."

"Hey, that's kafkatrapping!"
by Bdelygmia November 04, 2015
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Someone who is possessed by clout chasing. The original human is now gone and a demonic entity that feeds on clout is all that is left. An empty shell with no control of their actions, forced to blindly react to situations they think will bring them attention.
Soundcloud Rapper: Check out this link, realist in the game!
Social media feminist: Women have a voice!!!! #Brave
by DebSlave June 03, 2018
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A logical fallacy which states that a condition is affirmed through someone's denial. This term was written about in Franz Kafka's story "The Trial", hence why it is named after him.

Commonly associated with the social justice warrior or noted racist Ibram Kendi, who states that anyone who claims they are not a racist must be a racist. However, the denial can be about anything.
"Your denial of racism is proof that you are racist."
"That's a kafka trap, learn how to think."
by MJM1985 April 29, 2021
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A bootleg "logical fallacy" that weird dudes who spend way too much time on the computer like to invoke as if it's actually a thing outside of weird-computer-dude world.
"Uh holy shit that's super racist"
"No it isn't"
"Yyyeah dude, it is"
"Ah. So I'm being accused of being a racist, apparently. I see. So suddenly I'm the worst person in the world, and I'm literally being sentenced to a million years in the gulag, for being guilty of racist thought crimes, supposedly. I see how it is. Nice try at kafkatrapping me though. Wait til the completely normal boys over on KotakuInAction hear about this one."
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