To accuse someone of some form of "ism" (sexism, racism etc.) and to proclaim that their denial, or any attempt they make to defend themselves, is proof that they are guilty. A favorite tactic of the social justice warrior.
"Your refusal to admit that you are a misogynist proves you're a misogynist."

"Hey, that's kafkatrapping!"
by Bdelygmia November 5, 2015
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A bootleg "logical fallacy" that weird dudes who spend way too much time on the computer like to invoke as if it's actually a thing outside of weird-computer-dude world.
"Uh holy shit that's super racist"
"No it isn't"
"Yyyeah dude, it is"
"Ah. So I'm being accused of being a racist, apparently. I see. So suddenly I'm the worst person in the world, and I'm literally being sentenced to a million years in the gulag, for being guilty of racist thought crimes, supposedly. I see how it is. Nice try at kafkatrapping me though. Wait til the completely normal boys over on KotakuInAction hear about this one."
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