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Kabuto is teh l33t character from Naruto who is a medic and trains under Orochimaru. He betrayed the Leaf village, which he was brought to after being found after the battle of Bellflower/Kaede pass. He has grey hair in a ponytail, a purple shirt, Harry Potter glasses and possibly a fetish for ANBU clothing. His last name is Yakushi, which means the Healing Buhdda, and his first name means helmet, but together they mean aconite, which is a type of poison. His teammates in the Leaf were Akado Yoroi and Tsuguru Misumi. Kabuto was born on the 29 of February and when it is not a leap year he celebrates on the 1st of March. Kabuto is a Pisces and is 19 years old post-timeskip.
Kabuto is a worn-out subject on the Narutoforums.
by Pessimessed September 23, 2005
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(noun) it is a spanking given as a punishment for bad behavior.

pronouced "kah-boo-tos"
Kyle was bad, so he received dos kabutos.
by Korey2345 May 12, 2011
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